1. tong/dot create branch deprecated-xorg from main
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    1. 3fe09344922539a1bb8e6210c4eedff0c3d5c321 Move xorg scripts from bin/ to x11/
    2. f35b8976c33de5cf087b6126d799e541dc960633 Update hyprland config
    3. 953f19ac97f28432b97701d2fe19005e17999379 Update deprecated polybar config
    4. 8dce7d973f8e96dcdf6c4b79331d5126dbc6b0b7 Update deprecated picom config
    5. a8f57b76e54df68301330c42229e7b8f6ed3a88c Update zsh aliases
  3. krdlab/setup-haxe pullrequest 34 opened
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  5. verein-fuer-elektro-akustik/velak.klingt.org push
    1. ffb5bc30223bd180a2e6a09391a945db58093495 Add location data
    2. 67ecc3764f2679eda1f2e76cb04f046961be89e0 Fix typo
    3. 2ed09b3adfe7f9abe3e066dfc0a5817b8c162b5f Upgrade npm packages
  6. tong/armcli delete branch sourcery/main
  7. tong/armcli push
    1. 9d45552379514b347cc2cb0206356b3ed6f43f0b Use first blend file in cwd if not set
    2. 67c452da7747d41e33219a1353cb8334a7ab2ecb Cleanup
    3. e0454ee4fe8ffbbe42f61d6a19f16ea3d95b8490 Update readme
  8. tong/dot push
    1. 62c03d87486fbd47f9979b5aa518a61b5b3efb50 Remove deprecated script/
    2. 8a6d1cc7d34598b19c56ca9b1b05e791b161e030 Update hyprland config
    3. e5b1842c5d2f6ce0af813ab43b5991a0fd5942c5 Update waybar config
  9. hyprwm/Hyprland watch
  10. tong/armory push
    1. 683e8696144132f34ef5c2618499a3b858b8121e Declare type for HL static targets
    2. b594a4048776c8e5bf363714a871b5e72f6f5a91 Merge pull request #2848 from Onek8/main Declare type for HL static targets
    3. 584b7bf4e999491a266bd863c70e6943291510e2 Add component-wise mode to Vector Clamp node
    4. b034669aafc92efc5c1aa09b650c392595aa17c2 Add tooltip to clamping mode property
    5. 6d6cf0be99381017fe21193b04a0506cf3e63723 Vector Clamp node: Fix HL codegen
    6. 737959fff9394e1a2e8aa64240422527fe9fc3fc Make Bump node work with arbitrary height inputs
    7. 81fd4e419229051a75bb47edf20d2007d5b62fac node_meta.py: update module docstring
    8. 8492be8b2658417707972e1dfece247b7ac175be Improve some docstrings
    9. 056c2a9dfe1b413afdf9bcb08ed85523eb618192 Rename variable
    10. d59659dd994c91748236940647b468f62a9dcb07 Merge pull request #2849 from MoritzBrueckner/vector-clamp-node Add component-wise mode to Vector Clamp node
    11. e96f685f8b7e486ea56134fdb78e1fc3b2d8f837 Merge pull request #2850 from MoritzBrueckner/fix-bump-node Make Bump node work with arbitrary height inputs
    12. d3a8b98272f543c01e8694d09629308f55a1fbc1 fix return of custom shader data node
    13. e5e7fa0f7af90e1a7c1b59b14af5764ebf9f8c17 Merge pull request #2851 from QuantumCoderQC/fix-shader-comp Fix parsing of custom shader data node
    14. 6fc961015872a4c2341295206e629f5696d5afd1 Cleanup (cherry picked from commit a621cf7b38c271e8ee08d1a70ea4bcc74418694d)
    15. 0454fdd7519c0c4c55e39074ceceb49d1bf0d9a1 Do not export linked objects from other scenes. They are exported with their respective scenes.
    16. 470847dc93bb8850e765bcabcd0cb904a239a5e3 Export collections that belong only to this scene
    17. aae943bbdc486f2c3caf3148ceb688112d4e8f9b Add Scene property to logic node
    18. 33cd96d22ad0e448ac94c016292d38742449478c Spawn collection from the given scene data. If not use current active scene
    19. b03d3dc8d3575407b65bab2a845b90fc00c3f37a Do not push objects to raw data
    20. 8ff97ea0cb06c88dad4df5bf1f9253b5b277df9e fix export of collection from library blend file
  11. tong/dot push
    1. 5c8221d507e17a4aa795b4bb1e896ea705bc1ab3 Update hyprland config
    2. 71237991ed23101f956e91e8d09ae97e9fdec96b Update zsh aliases
    3. 871ad4dc199f469ab8c126bccf0136f483fff036 Update kitty config
  12. verein-fuer-elektro-akustik/velak.klingt.org issuecomment Include schema.org structured data
  13. tong/hxelectron create tag v24.1.3 from master
  14. tong/hxelectron push
    1. 5688d0239127d936308877aaeef300ab1d8666a1 Rename @:enum to enum abstract
    2. cb59c2f84bc67ffd469f4802e515c50f328d2540 Upgrade to electron v24.1.3
  15. tong/qmk_firmware push
    1. 6e5ff018e3760faa3a7b7bb372122f47d047c2f9 [Keyboard] Add zoom75 wired (#20396)
    2. cefef18ceb172d70f8129191d189257f590a3949 Tidy up stray RGB_DISABLE_TIMEOUT references (#20460)
    3. 697f53a1549f99b6728dc656eeb2ea5be41a84a5 [Keyboard] Add Kalakos Bahrnob65 (#20424) Co-authored-by: Joel Challis <git@zvecr.com>
    4. 990ee8075e631ce8604c647807a69800d5492459 Fix typo in `feature_wpm.md` title (#20464)
    5. e0a09ff728ce9079e6387cf1bdd7f0772cb71467 GMMK 2 volume up/down Fn keys are backwards in default mapping (#20476)
    6. 952cdc7be5014435a05cc2da96b216e2194fe6c5 Adds Docs option for ArduinoIDE's example `ArduinoISP` (#20486)
    7. 6d8a1aa676b85f44d6c050e85e8747c0c1a6401b Add QuadrumLabs Delta (#20409)
    8. 387b64a79b4b86436205ffcb349214d594c9dcef [Docs] Remove combo count from array (#20511)
    9. 974c01b4f845927ad3922ae62793c33187f5852c [Docs] Fix suggested code pattern when a specific mod-mask is required. (#20512)
    10. ab4013a69ef35bf3c8d272f9f61f9a627fcdcec1 NK Plus (#20392)
    11. e1afcda1c05f1004f7a19597d06a73e0bb73150a Update code example to match description (#20528)
    12. 713427c086ec6449f53f4a3b60d024d4f8595d51 Add KBDCraft Adam64 Lego board (#20503) Co-authored-by: Less/Rikki <86894501+lesshonor@users.noreply.github.com> Co-authored-by: jack <0x6a73@protonmail.com>
    13. d61a5f434335b76bc19e27b257514ecfb9589b4c [Keyboard] Add Manibus VIA support (#20497) Co-authored-by: Joel Challis <git@zvecr.com>
    14. e90d9fcfffe498ab0dcc8a14576882071c489048 [Keymap] Add johnstegeman iris colemak keymap (#20575)
    15. 64b84385cd00301935b2f289f594dc9649d59e21 Fix up positioning of keys for Keychron Q10/V10 and Q6/V6 (#20582)
  16. verein-fuer-elektro-akustik/velak.klingt.org push
    1. c29702dc71407df801bf4c41ffe51fc6dee9616f Add program data
  17. tong/dot push
    1. 2cb46746664d7fc8849876672f0cafd2b9adda70 Add xkb config for german umlaute on us keyboard
  18. tong/hxsasl push
    1. bba3efe5f2fc832a51e50c088856be6811a92530 Fix workflow
  19. tong/hxsasl push
    1. 930de5a8cf3637908ea1af0b52b35ef78a5e9e37 Remove empty Prep class
  20. tong/hxsasl push
    1. 55088ae6feac36bfaf559f5409a2b9d8b971105e Update unit tests
    2. b2b916a95ef058b156eea86a40850e6f18cb04ec Update doc
    3. ae3a1a9f3abeb6cd7db4faeb4bfc31cd184b06ad Update haxe to v4.3.0 in workflow
  21. tong/hashlink push
    1. e31db78d8e0a07e2be6816fbd8f63ad28afc8ff1 Added SDL and win32 bindings to get/set system clipboard (#458)
    2. 10733ee862d28d901fc34b924dc2f3582c316bc8 Added support for mesa 19 (#466)
    3. a46d1483cdfe7e6356dd0ffa3de732853f1a43d1 fix float rounding mode not correctly restored in f32-to-int convert
    4. 7a6904a1fd914ce0ab7c72b65bf0d4f49f62fbc2 Fix gc_save_context when prev_stack is not pointer aligned (#475)
    5. 3648e315183a41ea6a641e451cf9043a1bc523ae Display modes management for SDL and DirectX (#470)
    6. cf18c6cf86b4dd9c864b9c55e1fb0a9125e41a26 Fixed backward compatibility for screen modes (#481)
    7. da5ba07af7962b77b106eb6102cb340b5256be22 ignore all preceding space chars (close #477)
    8. 5702067965fdb3673a49d8c967bbeac3048bd799 Specified mbedtls to use version 2.27.0 with homebrew (#468)
    9. f67c72171c8c040a89ea6742225aafa5435cef51 [ci] Update linux environment Azure pipelines removed 16.04
    10. d46d7de556e1957058a588aaa89a22f14d11d948 [ci] Update mac environment
    11. 8d7b29c18650c7e24071522d8f0004e219167e7c use is_space_char also on windows (close #477)
    12. 8be72f53048db0d017628a9050b1b26eb79f22c4 Fixed an issue to detect the current monitor for DirectX (#487)
    13. 06cce6d52de25d3b6066da7ca9b3cf922041f814 Added build targets for VS2017 (better perfs) (#486)
    14. faae470721bd05c00810749f38e5b07942b03cf8 Implement profiler for linux. (#490)
    15. eff5a9e25068876324f33d96fb307ef2b07a3f96 bugfix when more than 63 virtual fields (close #491)
    16. ea8a1546dc17feb408ecc7491d419edebca90a42 split frames with >100k samples (bugfix for chrome preventing loading)
    17. 25fe0430ba3527575c61a3098df2f04d06eafac2 added gc major timings to profiler output
    18. 8438f174d672341de8772d5479d42ee51311643e fixed blocks progress overflow
    19. 2a8f86d0d222fc797ae45626dd6cb5b0598bcdc1 error on set_field with null obj
    20. d1fbc9fbb60a00e85d3b974117f417acf6511a66 fixed cleanup sequence
  22. tong/dot push
    1. 95e4fdecc1d067f4eb8befd2ddfc63c3ec243df2 Update waybar config
  23. tong/dot push
    1. 8e6eb995b96baaa4fbbe0de334b988418193d609 Update hyprland config
  24. tong/dot push
    1. 78b27e5620f6b70c87cea34d91a07035627b8814 Add inital hyprland config
    2. 032ee11ec965c6bba38c95b1412b6cbbc32225cb Add inital waybar config
  25. tong/armcli push
    1. 10f0e4c4026b8d46a0eb59abd14c6e11efc5e799 Misc cli additions
    2. 74eabdc910f91dfd2bc6cd49f6bdd853410c29b3 Interface cleanup
  26. tong/dot.nvim push
    1. 9403d3889261da337568304145d90fb545d104ed ...
  27. tong/armorcore push
    1. 086f5ee85223b47ceae56a20c88883286e8810e9 Update submodules
    2. e829aa6d945e015054b60b4b81ec71a0d7576428 Kinc update
    3. 0da732e8dd59556b84c647b7bb1913ecab3ba274 Cleanup
    4. 703aacbe09c9c1540532bb70a6d803942c00bc2d Cleanup
    5. 483f66150231f8cbd212242c6e51f575a712f9bd Cleanup
    6. 1aa37bef7eaf6d25f9b65360a8463ff10994a904 Fix init function argument order
    7. b0356973760071aac60ee044003f234cf3067414 Add red triangle js test
    8. abd1a0d0f4ad7c2cedee5aad9bc66d3ba1ebbf5f Use wasm backend
    9. ee6cfae779fc2f2b67b1967c7a40b7ee398f30a5 Fix name conflict in Wasm backend
    10. 9f913b6ec205d305fcc7bfd84293832afc8a15d4 Use krom_wasm define
    11. 990ed7846e3a6b1ca016b0b8b4c4df2b335c5f73 Improve wasm backend
    12. 5fb4334569db8165c64fe319d1bec8d5d14d9b21 Wasm cleanup
    13. 51115108c7bd598144e295e0479dd88e8267664f Improve root path handling
    14. 75f62db33575237f46446731f186be6a572be216 Make --run flag work
    15. 4acbf02ad8b24bd0a4d1bd21af6a854dd79e35cd Fix libdir for linux
    16. 36415b5dd8f536dc4b5ca9fe31bc39e0e5a40bd0 Make IDLE_SLEEP work on windows
    17. 8c2fdf6fff220e9b6e002e6f7b4a625f2bcaa01b Add on_project_created callback
    18. 053e89382121ea8bbbbaf009ecef735aee0a64ed Use on_project_created for with_krafix and with_plugin_embed options
    19. 2f42da1f267ec835cababb174018d0d557df69bb Make on_project_created async
    20. 920ea8f77ab13cab0a3473d7e6d927570ce88a29 Prevent idle sleep when input is down
  28. tong/armorcore push
    1. 2c6b8b3a2104f2f1406d3f44bc808de06dda5aca Wake up on drop_files
    2. 653193cedb1761124bdb58c048128c4ec05a539f Fix getPixels for low resolution render targets
    3. 062cd8707c8feffdf0a8281d430765f1010de481 Fix memory leak when using web workers
    4. 530e1b9683f32648f019865fdf854242da4e5dc5 Merge pull request #59 from MoritzBrueckner/fix-worker-mem-leak Fix memory leak when using web workers
  29. tong/hxnodejs-serialport push
    1. 19e90996fc5295f0853f6ac982f32d676001215d Pump version
  30. tong/hxnodejs-serialport create tag v1.4.0 from master